Modelling of residents’ adaptation behavior through BBN and PMT
Published on 15.10.2020 by WP3

To make the bridge between social field studies concerning residents’ adaptive behaviour and characteristics in coping with flooding, a combined framework was established. For this aim, IWW and STO have collaborate closely together.

  • To study adaptation behaviour of residents regarding flood risk in the Kan catchment, Protection Motivation Theory (PMT) was used as the theoretical framing combined threat appraisal, ownership appraisal, and coping appraisal for adaptation decision making.
  • Simultaneously, residents ‘adaptation behaviours were modelled through establishing BBN and was iteratively synchronised with PMT approach.
  • The next step is to prepare guiding questions for the qualitative initial survey to verify influential factors, their relationship, states, and conditional probability covering the research area and biases therein as well as rational influences. This will serve the integration of the collected data into simulation of adaptation behaviour using Agent Based Modelling (ABM).
Last updated on 22.04.2021