German-Iran Exchange Forum – Capacity Building Webinar
Published on 22.02.2021 by WP4

Public institutions are generally responsible for flood protection. The basis for sound flood risk management (FRM) are, next to the implementation of structural measures, clearly defined distribution of tasks and coordination between responsible institutions, especially in case of a flood event.

For the capacity building at university and institutional level, the HOWAMAN team has organized an online webinar for the intercultural knowledge- and experience exchange between Germany and Iran on the topic of “FRM at regional level”. The discussion will be based on two presentations by Georg Johann (EGLV-Essen) and Dr. Marlene Willkomm (Hochwasserschutzzentrale - StEB Köln) about flood risk management in the city of Cologne and in the Emscher catchment area. The Webinar supports the project goal of improving the participation of all stakeholders in flood risk management and to improve the coordination and ability of local stakeholders before, during and after a flood event.

Last updated on 22.04.2021