Flood Risk Assessment
Work Package 1, lead partner HS-M

The aim of WP1 is to prepare flood inundation and risk maps, estimate the potential damages, and evaluate the flood risk, as shown in figure 1, based on the probability of flood scenarios as well as adverse impacts of floods for 25 to 500-year flood scenarios for the pilot area. The required data such as DEM, soil map, land use, hydro-meteorological data, and channels information are available and will be provided by Iranian partners. Within WP1 the following tasks are planned:

  • WP1-1: Creation of a framework to approach an integrated flood risk management (IFRM) in arid and semi-arid areas
  • WP1-2: Preliminary assessment of flood risk
  • WP1-3: Development of inundation maps and flood risk maps
  • WP1-4: Estimation of the number of inhabitants at-risk, the economic damages, environmental loss and affected critical infrastructures
  • WP1-5: Development of a generic flexible framework for modelling cascading effects of critical infrastructures
  • WP1-6: Investigation of the effectiveness of the flood management strategies of WP2- WP4 in flood risk reduction through risk-based evaluation approaches

Figure 1: Work Package 1

WP1 will be based on ProMaIdes DSS developed in IWW since the software is freely available and is a modular package. The developed and adapted local models will be implemented in cooperation with the Iranian Partners as well as stakeholders (WP4). The outputs will be finally used by WP2 (Impact based flood forecasting), WP3 (to explore private adaptation to flood as well as to develop insurance schemes), and WP4 (to increase flood risk awareness of stakeholders).

Last updated on 07.04.2021