Flood Forecasting System and Warning
Work Package 2, lead partner KISTERS AG

Work package 2 (WP2), as shown in the figure below (figure 1), aims at forecasting potential incoming floods through an early warning system (EWS). This is to be made possible by improving the hydrometeorological monitoring data and the process of flood forecasting and by informing the local authorities and inhabitants in time. This will ensure an effective implementation of the EWS to reduce the risk of flash floods. Within WP2 the following tasks are planned:

  • WP2-1: Expansion of monitoring networks
  • WP2-2: Forecasting process
  • WP2-3: Warning communication

The flood label is integrated into the warning system, in which the potential risk of flooding is assessed and advice is given on how to take precautions.

Figure 1: Work Package 2
Last updated on 15.01.2021