Integrating Residents’ Flood Adaptive Behaviors into FRM
Work Package 3, lead partner IWW

The FRM plans are drawn up for the pilot areas considering resident involvement. They will address all phases of the FRM cycle but the main focus is on prevention, protection and preparedness with the aims of reducing the socio-economic damages, involving public in FRM through private loss reduction strategies, increasing public engagement for self-protection, and raising public awareness through developing Floodlabel concept for Iran and issuing the certificates for citizens of the area as an example of arid and semi-arid region. Within WP 3, that is shown in figure 1, the following tasks are planned:

  • WP3-1: Carrying out interviews with public authorities and some stakeholders involved during preparation of FRM
  • WP3-2: Questionnaire survey about public awareness
  • WP3-3: Developing experimental set-up for residents’ flood adaptive behaviors in FRM
  • WP3-4: Introduction of flood insurance to the model
  • WP3-5: Assessment of the interplay among different adaptation options
  • WP3-6: Exploration of the role of flood insurance in flood risk reduction
  • WP3-7: Development of Floodlabel, based on the types of the households, for the condition of the study area to rise the resilience of urban settlements against flood
  • WP3-8: Provision of precautionary advices to holders of the Floodlabel

Figure 1: Work Package 3
Last updated on 13.01.2021