The Research Institute for Water and Waste Management
at the RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Fig. 1: InoCottonGROW – Innovative impulses to reduce
the water footprint of the global cotton textile industry
towards UN sustainability goals in Pakistan.

FiW conducts research, consulting and training projects on behalf of BMBF, GIZ, KfW und MKULNV-NRW, pursuing the aim to develop sustainable strategies and innovative technologies for water and waste management. FiW has many years of experience in projects in the MENA region and advises local experts and companies (e.g. BMBF - InoCottonGROW). With its business units Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), Wastewater & Energy, Groundwater & Contaminant Dynamics, Urban Water & Modelling, Waste & Sludge FiW has best conditions to find interdisciplinary solutions. FiW contributes relevant knowledge to the project team in the areas of climate change, adaptation to climate change in cities and regions, water-sensitive urban development and others. In addition, FiW has special experience in coordination of large network projects (e.g., BMBF-dynaklim, render, WAYS, SINOWASSER). The association of FiW includes members from scientific organizations, water boards, planning agencies and the waste management industry.

Last updated on 10.09.2021