Business Unit Water Group, Germany

Fig. 1: KISTERS data processing center

KISTERS AG with headquarter in Aachen, Germany, provides professional data management solutions and services for the market segments water, energy, radiation and air. With subsidiaries in Europe, North America, China and Australia, KISTERS nowadays serves a global water market with state-of-the-art data processing, analysis and decision support systems. The core product “WISKI” (Water Information System KISTERS) has been installed successfully more than 3000 times at public authorities on federal, regional and municipal level. It is also a key building block to fulfill the requirements of international and intergovernmental information platforms and mission critical forecasting systems. In particular, over the last 15 years, KISTERS established a globally acting Business Unit for water solutions. The core competence of their team is the integration of their core products into highly robust, reliable and scalable data management and forecasting environments on national and international level. These cover water quantity information of surface water, groundwater as well as meteorological or climatological data, water quality data and data of water infrastructure such as reservoirs, irrigation projects, water and wastewater treatment and distribution.

Last updated on 13.01.2021