Chair of Sociology of Technology and Organization
RWTH Aachen University, Germany

STO is an interdisciplinary and empirically working chair. In research, the chair is distinguished by its relational-sociological research approach. The focus is on the question of how heterogeneous processes can be linked (such as technical, social and human to socio-technical structures) at different social aggregation levels (micro/meso/macro). Network research plays a key role and is linked to other research methods. In interdisciplinary projects with engineers and computer scientists, their sociological expertise is preferably brought into early phases of the development of technical innovations and organizational change. Sustainable and resilient socio-technical innovations can only succeed if the social change processes are shaped at an early stage by researching the interactions between technical, organizational and social processes at a time when they can still be shaped (e.g. participative technology design).

Last updated on 22.12.2020