Centre for Flood Knowledge and Action

Fig. 1: The Flood Label

HKC is a registered society in Germany, which brings together in a unique network people affected by flooding, politics, and the broadest range of flooding stakeholders. HKC has more than 130 members in Germany and abroad. Through the dialogue that emerges, the work of HKC encourages local flood prevention and awareness. At HKC, science and practice are brought together for the purpose of holistic flood prevention and therefore the sustainable development, provision and transfer of expertise. The focus is on the formation and expansion of information networks as well as on preparation, development and implementation of projects, research schemes and studies on sustainable, economic and above all practice-oriented handling of the subject of flooding. The results should be made available to all interested parties, so an optimal information and communication platform is created for everyone affected by flood protection as well as interested people and institutions.

Last updated on 22.12.2020